Cleaning Mats

By Mark Seeto on 2012-09-07 21:21:29 -

Best Cleaning Solutions

Clean mats with enough frequency to prevent soil and water build up according to the amount of foot traffic and the weather condidtions outside.  

Consider the soil type before cleaning begins.  Is the soil wet or dry, sticky or loose, and is the mat stained.

For wet soils, a self contained extractor with a brush and vacuum system is recommended.  Several passes may be necessary at slow speeds to attain the best results.
For dry soils, a good 2 speed vacuum with the brush adjusted all the way down will give you the most agitation of the soil and the best results.  For smaller size mats, they can always be taken outside and dusted off.
For dry and crusty salt stains, it is recommended that the mat be soaked in hot water with a neutral soap solution for a half an hour
and extracted as per wet soils above.  You may also use various carpet spotting solutions to loosen the soil stuck to the fibers.
Waterhog mats are solution dyed so you don't have to worry about the color fastness.